Aegorhinus nodipennis (Curculionidae) attack in forest plantations and orchards of Tierra del Fuego ranches: an incipient invasion?
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Biological invasion
Cultural heritage
Fruit and vegetable pest
South Patagonia

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Lencinas, M. V., Zamora, F. J., & Martínez Pastur, G. J. . (2021). Aegorhinus nodipennis (Curculionidae) attack in forest plantations and orchards of Tierra del Fuego ranches: an incipient invasion?. Anales Del Instituto De La Patagonia, 49.


Aegorhinus nodipennis (Curculionidae) is a native species of Argentina and Chile Patagonia mainland. It is considered an important fruit and vegetable pest in orchards of Chile. In this note, we describe the detection and the observed damages in forest plantations and orchards of two ranch houses of Argentinean Tierra del Fuego (Sara Ranch and Viamonte Ranch). Those damages conducted to the mortality of exotic soft wood, old trees (mainly birch, rowan and willow) since 2017 to the present, which had ornamental and landscape value, as well as forest curtains. We discuss the invasive and affectation potential in the regional native ecosystems, and the need to improve studies about their behaviour in this region, and the importance of monitoring and control for the preservation of native vegetation, as well as those of the ranch houses of historic and cultural value for fuegian population.
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