Matthias Gorny German Zapata-Hernández


This is the first report of Coelorinchus cf. cookianus in comparable shallow coastal waters in the southeastern Pacific. Two individuals were filmed with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) at 150 m of depth at the pacific entrance of the October Channel in the Campana Archipelago in central Patagonia, Chile. The specimens were identified on a video transect as macrourids by their elongate tapering tail, and the dorsal fins with two spinous rays. The fishes showed a series of regular dark saddle-like bands on the top and sides of the body from before the first dorsal fin to tip of tail. These criteria fit best with description of Coelorinchus cookianus which is described as endemic in New Zealand waters. However, two of four Coelorinchus species registered in the southeastern Pacific have widespread distributions in the southern hemisphere. Lack of sampling effort in the central Patagonian coast, including shelf and upper slope may explain why until now C. cookianus was exclusively reported in New Zealand waters


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